Membership in the Maine Lodge of Research is open to any Master Mason in good standing under the Grand Lodge of Maine or in any Grand Lodge recognized and in good fraternal relations with Maine, which includes Brothers living outside the United States.


We welcome any Brother who has a sincere desire to learn, discover, discuss and share the world of Freemasonry, including its appendant and historical bodies. That is essentially the only requirement to be and sustain membership along with the annual fee of $15. That's not much asked for to be part of one of the most unique lodges in the state.


(Photo: The small Lodge room of the Bangor Masonic Center, Bangor ME.) 


The membership petition is below to download, along with all relevant information. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or join us as a visitor. If your Grand Lodge does not allow dual Lodge memberships please contact us to see how we can accomodate your partcipation and support.


Dues are a nominal $15 per year for the United States and Canada and $20 per year for everywhere else.


Member benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • receiving our quarterly Trestleboard;
  • access to minutes from each Stated;
  • ability to serve as an officer;
  • ability to serve on a committee;
  • ability to be directly involved in Lodge projects;
  • ability to propose future projects;
  • information about Lodge projects not listed on this website;
  • other benefits also may become available and will be posted here. For example, copies of the book Fiat Lux: Award Winning Essays of some of the Greatest Masonic Authors of our Time (Volume 1) was provided to members one year. 

We do not have a subscriber or associate member option, as the cost of membership is actually less than what most Maine lodges charge for affiliates. Also, we do not have a system to accept dues online at this time.


To apply: download, print out and fill out the petition below. Send it to our secretary in the mail with the membership fee, or scan and e-mail and mail separately the membership fee, or pass both through a current member. Your petition will be read and voted at the next Stated. There is no committee of inquiry or background check.


Please direct membership questions or a completed petition to our secretary Brother Richard Bowden. Click here to e-mail him at Our mailing address is 32 Clewleyville Road, Eddington, ME 04428-3024 .

Download the Membership Petition
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Just to be clear ... you do not have to be a scholar, historian, author, lecturer, researcher, educator, publisher, lawyer, doctor or work in any profession known for its research or writing or speaking work. Nor do you have to have any professional or informal experience with any of the above. Nor do you need a special educational background. You do not have to have a particular topic of interest or study,


To be a member of the Lodge you just need a desire for more light. We'll never force you to write or speak in public if you are not interested. Some brothers simply join us for the variety of Masonic experience and are observers. Others are active educators and presenters looking to like minds. Some are looking for assistance with projects. If you do have a particular focus of study we welcome you to share it with us, whatever it encompasses. 


The Lodge has no fancy positions, titles or additional degrees like other appendant bodies. We don't do degree work, though if a Brother is interested in physically exploring defunct degrees or how degrees change we are not adverse to such. We also don't actively engage any charitable work, though if any opportunity becomes available we are not adverse to contributing our energy and/or funds. All we have is our individual passions, interests and work to share with each other in discussions and presentations and beyond. We learn a lot from each other and welcome your participation. If any of this sounds of interest than please join us.