Organized in 1979, we are Maine's only research lodge.


With over 180 members spanning the country and Canada, we are dedicated to searching for more light in Masonry via research, study, discussion, presentation and publishing.


We aim to to enable the Masonic explorer in all of us and satisfy our Masonic curiosity, while learning from each other. We deal not only with the historical and philosophical aspects of Masonry, but also with the challenges confronting the Craft.


In 2008 our work earned us the Mark Twain Award for Excellence in Masonic Awareness sponsored by the Masonic Service Association. We were the first research lodge in the country to be so honored.


(Photo: Outgoing Worshipful Master Richard Rhoda delivering the Twain Award to the incoming Worshipful Master Eric Kuntz at our 2009 Installation.)


Unlike many Masonic research lodges and societies, we do not have a particular focus of study, but instead let our members determine our work via their interests.


Currently, this includes returning to publishing again with a new collection of Masonic writings by Maine Masons. Tentative release is December 2017 and more information will be posted here. The range of our work is as vast as the dimensions of the lodge and we welcome you to become a part of it all.


Other important things to know, of which details can be found throughout this site:

  • We meet meets quarterly on the fourth Saturday of March, June and September and the first Saturday of December. Our June meeting is the annual officer installation.
  • The location changes as we have no lodge building of our own, but most recently have assembled at the Bangor Masonic Center in Bangor.
  • Our meetings are Saturday mornings with breakfast/social hour from 8-9 am, business meeting from 9-10 and research presentations/discussions lasting till noon.
  • A guest presentation or discussion happens at each meeting.
  • Any Master Mason is welcomed to attend.
  • Annual dues are $15 United States and Canada, $20 everywhere else. A membership petition can be found below.
Download the Membership Petition
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For more information explore this website, which will be updated as needed, or contact our secretary Brother Richard Bowden in Eddington.

Click here to e-mail him at


You can also reach us the traditional way at 32 Clewleyville Road, Eddington, ME 04428-3024 .


This website was designed by Brother Aaron Joy of Gorham's Harmony Lodge and replaces the former website on the Grand Lodge of Maine site.



September 23, 2017 at Bangor Masonic Center, Bangor


December 2, 2017 tentatively at Bangor Masonic Center, Bangor


March 2018 tentatively at Bangor Masonic Center, Bangor



June 2018, location TBA



 December 2017, tentative publication of new transaction